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1 JoeBreal commented Permalink

Tried to get the 'handy tool' but never saw a download option.

2 cmw.osdude commented Permalink

You know, that non-download issue got me too at first. I should have mentioned it. You'll see a link that points to "the file." Right-click that link and use "save link as" to drop it on your hard drive. <div>&nbsp;</div> If you do what I did at first and click on it you'll get a message saying "Oops. Got exception while loading the passwords. I'm running from network, ain't I? :-(" Save the page at this point and you'll have it. <div>&nbsp;</div> Either method works. Once the file is on your hard drive you open the local version. You'll get a message from Firefox warning you that you are about to run a script that will access private information. Of course your passwords are passwords are private! From there it should work OK.