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1 cmw.osdude commented Permalink

Update successful with no surprises so far. It seems pretty spry, actually. I've confirmed that I can connect to the office, which is the next critical step. I had to do some link-foo because our ancient software doesn't keep up with the updated libraries, but that wasn't bad at all. I've done it before. I'll be interested to see where it all goes. More info as I get it. Tomorrow I test my video render farm!

2 cmw.osdude commented Permalink

I've been using it all day today and haven't had a bit of trouble. All devices were detected and everything has pretty much continued to do what it always has... which is what an update should be. I cringe at the idea of having to completely rethink my computing experience simply because the OS creators are moving in a different direction. It doesn't mean I won't go there, but I want to get there at my own pace. I have Unity running, but I'm working in GNOME now. The update saw that I had it before and simply continued to make it available. <div>&nbsp;</div> Like I said, it feels as though something has gotten cleaned up. I feel like the system is moving a little faster. Hopefully it is truly improvement and not just my imagination. I'll dig later into what the improvements are and see how I feel about them. In the mean time, they should not matter to me and should not prevent me from getting work done. So far that is the experience. Yay!