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1 cmw.osdude commented Permalink

I tried to do this entry on Friday but an /undocumented feature/ of the My developerWorks blogging system ate it. I was a little frustrated and had to wait a while to try it again. For the second round I just used an external HTML editor. (Kompozer is my current favorite. <div>&nbsp;</div> That's probably not a bad approach no matter what blogging system you tend to use.

2 rsandeep commented Permalink

I like the blog - esp the amazing way to market nerds addicted to computers ( jus like caffeine or tea) and try to make them taste the flavor of open source in the way they would like. <div>&nbsp;</div> \Spend Holidays the way you like, on the computer , deceiving yourself that you are not working and being entertained <div>&nbsp;</div> laters <br /> Sandeep