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1 MartinTr commented Permalink

Ingolf <div>&nbsp;</div> I have a question on the above- In the last sentence it says "If the requestor was in AMODE 24 ....skipped" - Since the normal application in CICS is not allowed to do any I/O operations, the "requestor" can only ce CICS. Is that correct? <div>&nbsp;</div> If that is correct- when is CICS in 24 bit mode while doing the mentioned operation and how can a user control/influence that?

2 Ingolf24 commented Permalink

Thanks for the feedback, Martin. In that case the requestor is CICS. <div>&nbsp;</div> The problem is resolved in between through APAR: <br /> DY47403 - PTF UD53855 for z/VSE V4.3 <br /> DY47407 - PTF UD53867 for z/VSE V5.1 <div>&nbsp;</div> Short description: After upgrading to z/VSE V4.3 or z/VSE V5.1, you might encounter unsatisfactory terminal response times in CICS because CICS does not get control, or see a performance degradation with the use of compressed files. You might also see incorrect statistics from various monitoring tools, such as WAITS and VSAM response times of zero. And, some DL/I monitoring tools might not capture any data due to certain I/O EXCPADs not being driven. <div>&nbsp;</div> More information is here:

3 Ingolf24 commented Permalink

I updated the blog entry with the APAR information for better readability.