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1 mickp commented Permalink

There are Redbooks about migration that are very useful even though they are old: <div>&nbsp;</div> SG24-5595 <br /> SG24-5624 <br />

2 SMondy commented Permalink

We are running CICS/VSE 2.3 on z/VSE 4.3 and understand CICS/VSE is no longer supported. We have identified a difference (a delay) in the way a CICS application transaction is processing while accessing VSAM data sets. If we can provide documentation that point to the changes in VSAM would IBM work on the VSAM problem?

3 Ingolf24 commented Permalink

Hi Steve, we saw your related post on VSE-L. You are right, CICS/VSE is unsupported. However, the CICS and VSAM teams had some discussion on your post. Let's see, if they come to any conclusion. Thanks for your comment and have a good weekend.