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1 localhost commented Permalink

Worked fine for me. Since access to the software catalog is quite cumbersome, I think it's great not having to reinstall C++ and DB2 every time.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks for letting me and everyone else know about your experience.

3 localhost commented Permalink

I was disappointed to learn that there is no observable indication that I have successfully scheduled a "Save image on exit". I would have expected an event to be added to the reservation history when the save is scheduled and another event to be added when the image is created.

As it is, I couldn't remember if I had scheduled a "Save image on exit" or not. I had to schedule one, just be be safe. If it turns out that I have schedule two, I hope it doesn't cause a problem.

4 localhost commented Permalink


Adding an event to the reservation history when a save on exit is scheduled is a good idea. I'm going to make a note of this and we'll add this to the code.

5 localhost commented Permalink

We implemented Lance's suggestion to add an event to a user's reservation history: 'Image save scheduled at reservation end' on February 18th. I see that four users have used this so far. Thanks for the suggestion.

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