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1 bobleah commented Trackback

Timely blog... <div>&nbsp;</div> I don't really watch much TV anymore... but I did catch a tweet about Beyonce on Letterman. My first thought... and I'm not kidding about this... is: I wonder if Jim (the uncoolest dude) is going to blog about this! <div>&nbsp;</div> I think this is actually a good example of Smarter Planet... communication that jumps at light speed from one media to another. Beyonce appears on TV at night, and the next day two people I know have already tweeted and blogged about it... very smart indeed!

2 HHS commented Permalink

Hey Jim! When you break through the twitterverse, look me up! I'm hhuffmanaustin @ am glad you are on the road to coolness! <div>&nbsp;</div> One more cool tool.. check out addictomatic - it's like dW spaces for everything under the sun!

3 vskinner commented Permalink

The truest sign that something like Twitter has hit it BIG is when the backlash begins! Human behavior. I can't watch television without hearing the word Twitter at least twice. I'm curious now, how many people will keep tweeting after the hype slows down. But I think it will only grow (and evolve) over time...