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Hi Todd,<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for blogging about our Emerging Media study. We appreciate the interest. KnowledgeStorm is taking strides to help address some of the questions you pose at the end of your post. Specifically, your question: “Do you read blogs that influence your own perspective about products and services, B2B or otherwise?” <div>&nbsp;</div> While it would be great to hear people’s comments on this, there is a legitimate question that should proceed it: Are you able to find blogs that are relevant to your B2B interests?<div>&nbsp;</div> At KnowledgeStorm, we’ve launched a B2B IT blog community ( that features independent, credible, quality blogs on specific IT topics. In addition, it allows anyone interested in starting a blog on a B2B IT topic to come and join as well. The site is still in beta mode but we hope that as it grows, it makes finding quality blogs on B2B IT much easier. Particularly for those business and IT professionals who don't have a lot of time to navigate the 70+ million blogs. We invite you to check it out.<div>&nbsp;</div> Best,<div>&nbsp;</div> Matt Lohman

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Matt, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thx for the advertisement. I normally don't allow advertisement posts to live beyond their Technorati ping, but in this case, it's spot on to the post. <div>&nbsp;</div> Context is everything.<div>&nbsp;</div> -- well there you go. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thx for giving my readers and I the heads up, and also to you all and McCann for the study. <div>&nbsp;</div> Turbo

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Good post someone involved in the purchasing decisions at my company, blogs play a key part in the decision making process for us as we do not always have the resoruces available to make comprehensive evaluations of new products. <div>&nbsp;</div> Being able to tune into what others in the community are saying and to be able to interact with them on the same level is very important to us. I agree that plugs for sites should have no place here but since you brought it up, my colleagues and I visit a few places on a regular basis such as ITToolbox which offer extensive blogs including one I love from a colleague of yours at IBM (Chris Eaton). <div>&nbsp;</div> All the Best! Bob

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Bob, <div>&nbsp;</div> No worries. Thanks for the feedback and confirmation about the roles blogs are playing in your decision-making process.<div>&nbsp;</div> And thanks also for mentioning ITToolbox. I will keep an eye out for Chris' and some of the other blogs there.