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1 localhost commented Permalink

Typically, building a structure in the epicenter of an earthquake is not a good idea.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Todd - welcome to the blogosphere. Love your writing style...sure hope you're around for more than a NY minute!

3 localhost commented Permalink

To "tobyb," many thanks, it's good to be here. I got here as quick as I could...they were keeping me locked up in the basement, my leg chains tied to my ThinkPad as we worked to crank out the next revolution of our Web site, so it's good to come up for air here in the blogosphere to talk to "real" people again. To "jyjkim" I say, I would absolutely agree, and the earthquake metaphor was merely intended to highlight the fact that this space moves so quickly, it's ever more important to stay vigilant as we try and understand how companies and organizations can utilize on demand strategies and technologies -- from IBM or otherwise -- to optimize their business. Things change so quickly, sometimes we have no choice but to be flexible and be able to turn on a dime as the marketplace evolves. So I turn it around and pose the question back to you: Have you or has your organization been able to grow your business using the Internet? Meanwhile, check out the attached Web feature entitled <a href="">"Growth Engines"</a> to learn about how some IBM experts are working to make "growth" a key part of the business vocabulary once again.