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Todd,<div>&nbsp;</div> Both Microsoft and Yahoo! have struggled for years to try to engage the highly-fragmented small business World.<div>&nbsp;</div> One huge difference though...<div>&nbsp;</div> Microsoft has an extremely well-developed and loyal following of certified partners, solution providers, and developers (much like IBM does).<div>&nbsp;</div> Yahoo!'s only real effort to build any kind of loyal consulting base really can't hold a candle.<div>&nbsp;</div> Microsoft also although relatively early to the game 5-6 years ago with some of its bCentral efforts for helping small businesses with online applications and online marketing, could see a lot of synergies with areas where Yahoo! is further ahead.<div>&nbsp;</div> But wouldn't there be Justice Department anti-trust hurdles to cross with the 3 dominant PPC platforms consolidating down to 2 dominant PPC platforms?<div>&nbsp;</div> Or is Google's market share simply so strong that both Yahoo! and Microsoft come across as the underdogs?<div>&nbsp;</div> It should be interesting to see this unfold in the coming weeks.<div>&nbsp;</div> Joshua Feinberg<div>&nbsp;</div>