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Regarding Respectance... Seems the movie "Final Cut" with Robin Williams might not be all that far fetched. All we need to do is perfect the nano technology for imbedding a device to record our life activities, and then a slicer will be able to create a tasteful video remembrance that plays back only the wonderful memories of a life well lived. Placing that remembrance on the Web would be even more convenient for distant relatives and friends to view. Sounds like THE definition for "premium services". Hmmmmm... better get started on my business plan so I can tap into some of that seed money floating around out there.

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Alan,<div>&nbsp;</div> It appears you may not be that far off with your "Final Cut" analogy. <div>&nbsp;</div> Microsoft researcher Gordon Bell and his "MyLifeBits" research effort was featured recently in a "Fast Company" article. <div>&nbsp;</div> The article explains how Bell has been conducting an experiment for several years called "lifelogging," in which he is attempting to create a near-total digital record of his life.<div>&nbsp;</div> Every piece of email, every document he types, every chat session he participates in, every Web page he surfs, every phone call he makes, every picture he takes...all is "scooped up and stashed away."<div>&nbsp;</div> So maybe the "Respectance" folks are on to something. I'm just curious as to whether or not Bell uses Google Desktop Search to look through all that stuff.