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hi mac . how r u

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"No, to be perfectly honest, I just hate Windows."<div>&nbsp;</div> Yup, exact same reason I switched. A little over five years ago.

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Hiya, Todd! Thanks a bunch for putting it together, in three lovely words exactly how I feel about the whole thing with the migration: "Liberated. Free. Productive." <div>&nbsp;</div> Should have done like Patrick M and migrated 5 years ago. I bet I would have become much more productive from day one, like I have been now, after almost one year of making use of it! <div>&nbsp;</div> Thus keep up sharing your story and we will be doing the same thing! The more folks we get on board of the new Mac experience, the better! :-D

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Those three words are indeed an exact summary of how i've felt too since switching at work, thanks for summing it up so accurately.<div>&nbsp;</div> I can't wait for my home system to die so I can switch at home too.

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Hi, Todd - you're pretty aware of options out there, but if you haven't taken 'em for a spin for one reason or another, I'd highly recommend trying Apple's Keynote and OpenOffice's presentation component. I believe both will let you import/export to MS PowerPoint (obviously with certain limitations, YMMV).<div>&nbsp;</div> I've found that even if my target is a PowerPoint presentation, working in Keynote to get it done is a huge productivity boost. I've only recently started playing with the OpenOffice suite, but the new native aqua version is quite nice (still in beta, I think).<div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers,Brice

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Windows isn't so bad! <div>&nbsp;</div> I have a Mac and a PC and I honestly can't tell the difference between the two in terms of speed and productivity. They both do what I need them to and I'm never waiting on the systems...never have either. I've always tried to keep a system under 2 years old so that may be why. <div>&nbsp;</div> Maybe I just like Windows? Either way, I'll likely always use both products so that I can stay up-to-date on things both companies produce. <div>&nbsp;</div>