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Is second prize TWO Smart Cars?<div>&nbsp;</div> If you are going to drive a small car (the 2006 MX-5 I drive is smaller than 90% of the cars on the American road) then you better make sure you have the power to get out of Dodge when things go bad, because you're not going to survive anything involving another vehicle at interstate speeds. I saw a Smart Car on the interstate yesterday. Way smaller than even my car and I'm sure it has only a fraction of the power. I wouldn't let anybody in my family drive one on the highway. Would you?

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Tim, <div>&nbsp;</div> I also drive a small car, but with gas at above $3.00/gallon U.S., I suspect the lucky winner of the SOA Smart Car giveaway may be willing to take their chances. <div>&nbsp;</div> Of course, one could always just use the Smart Car in town for local driving, thereby limiting their exposure on the freeways.<div>&nbsp;</div> Based on what I've heard about demand for these new vehicles, they may also just decide to sell it.<div>&nbsp;</div> Having seen Smart Cars in Europe, I can certainly attest to at least one very positive feature: They can often park where no Lincoln Continental has gone before.<div>&nbsp;</div>

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Scott,<div>&nbsp;</div> That's certainly one just have to make sure the Suburban doesn't have any long, floppy mudflaps.<div>&nbsp;</div> And alas, I will not see you at Impact, as I will be headed east where duty calls. Please get pictures of any flying Elvi or other Las Vegas oddities, and we'll find our way to a podcast upon your return.<div>&nbsp;</div> And I want firsthand reports on the B-52s. ; )

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Actually, at 60" in height, the Smart Car isn't that low to the ground. It sits abouts 11" higher than my MX-5. So combine low power with a high center of gravity and you get a car that can't get out of the way. So you're right, non-highway driving only may be the way to go. The problem in cities like Atlanta, local driving includes highway driving.<div>&nbsp;</div> From my perspective, the increase in the cost of gas here in the US will mean that over time, the people driving SUV's will either be wealthy or have a real need for a larger vehicle. Those that drove an SUV "because" will switch to sedans. The overall effect will be to increase the odds of surviving a crash for everyone.