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wow - brilliant analysis... from GG. why not just link to Office 2.0 and be done with it. <div>&nbsp;</div> you might find this interesting from a competitive standpoint:,39024667,39163110,00.htm

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James, <div>&nbsp;</div> I tell ya, I'm getting more and more hip to that program. I use several computers, and I'm tired of specific information being locked up on an individual computer. The more data and applications I can (safely) put in the cloud, the better.<div>&nbsp;</div> Some seem to have suggested "Office 2.0" is hearkening back to the network computer model (I helped market IBM's doomed Network Computer many moons ago), and there are certainly some similarities. But back then, we didn't have the last mile problem resolved, which is what is helping drive this Web 2.0 innovation. <div>&nbsp;</div> So what say ye, is it all one way, all the other, or somewhere in between? All Web apps, all the time, or a combination of isolated desktop apps and the rest in the cloud? I suspect it's somewhere in between myself, at least for the time being, but to my mind, it's a good start.