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OK, TwitterVision is sick - very sick. I tried watching it for about a minute. It was slightly addictive and significantly frustrating (I don't read as fast as the twitter's bounce around). Who thinks these things up ?!<div>&nbsp;</div> As for Blackberry's, I can take them or leave them. I have one for work but I let the batter run down on the weekends. It drives my co-workers nuts :-)

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Glen, I know, I know. I hesitated to include it, but then again, on the other hand, it's a really interesting if trivial snapshot of what people are saying around the world real-time, and I suspect folks will start to think up useful ways of using it (we used it at SXSW to figure out where we were going to lunch!)<div>&nbsp;</div> As for your strategery of letting your battery run down on the weekends, I dig it:<div>&nbsp;</div> "I couldn't respond, my battery was dead!"