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Linda's book is called Let Go To Grow. IBM sent me a copy. I will read it when IBM does it.

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James,<div>&nbsp;</div> Good to hear from you. And what do you know, they sent me a copy as well! <div>&nbsp;</div> I have been reading it, some of us inside IBM are trying to do it -- in some cases successfully, in some cases not -- and I actually owe this blog future readouts about it.<div>&nbsp;</div> Meanwhile, I was glad to see the trackback to Tim Berners-Lee's post on net neutrality entitled "Net Neutrality: This is Serious" on your blog. <div>&nbsp;</div> I thought the creator of the WWW summed it up well when he wrote:<div>&nbsp;</div> "Freedom of connection, with any application, to any party, is the fundamental social basis of the Internet, and, now, the society based on it."<div>&nbsp;</div> This is serious, indeed.

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Hey Todd - well said. Of course IBM is letting go to grow in some important areas. I just believe there are some crucial areas where "that's not what what we do" is holding the firm back... there is so much innovation that could be unleashed.<div>&nbsp;</div> For example i really wish IBM could understand the hard and fast enterprise/consumer distinction increasingly means... nothing. the borders are gone, so why is IBM clinging to the 20th century segmentation?<div>&nbsp;</div> Selling off the PC business has only made things worse.<div>&nbsp;</div> Look at IBM's revenues- they come from a v small customer base. in order to GROW ibm will indeed have to let go - not just by handing code over to open source, but by letting go of the past, in order to create a new culture.<div>&nbsp;</div> the new barbarians in IBM need to be given their head. its happening in patches.

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James,<div>&nbsp;</div> The decisions on where we place what bets for what innovation investments are made at a much higher pay grade than mine. I'm not going to necessarily disagree with you, although I've seen this movie before (IBM Software used to have a consumer multimedia software group, for example) and I'm not sure I like the ending. And you're right, letting go of the PC business lost us our one consumer-facing play.<div>&nbsp;</div> On the other hand, we are the International Business Machines Corporation. As much as I sometimes daydream that I worked for Disney or Microsoft or some other more consumer-facing company, IBM's mission and charge has pretty consistently been to help businesses create new value using information technology.<div>&nbsp;</div> I remember back in the day, when the IBM Internet division was first formulated as a sister organization to our also new Software Group (circa 1995). John Landry -- who had been a key adviser and manager in our newly-acquired Lotus team -- made some very compelling arguments about the impact the emerging home digital media explosion would have in the market and on the business opportunity for IBM...advice we seemed to pretty much ignore. <div>&nbsp;</div> So, I do think you're right, we have to let go a little more if we we're going to grow and become relevant to businesses of large and small. <div>&nbsp;</div> On the other hand, I do believe we're making some good, if measured, inroads in the "enterprise meet Web 2.0" space that help grow into these new markets. For example, today's announcement about integrating Lotus Sametime 7.5 with numerous Microsoft technologies...a good example of IBM's being more open and accommodating of market realities, and of getting our technologies into the hands of both end consumer and business users who might not have otherwise experienced them.<div>&nbsp;</div> I fear it's going to take a wee bit more than an iPod, though, to get this elephant completely jiggy with the emerging digital convergence dance. To your point, acknowledging the narrowing distinction between the consumer and enteprise markets is a good first...if small...step onto that larger dance floor.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the comments.