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I read the numerous comments, issues and great innovations posted on your website. The one that interest me the most was the about the USPTO and how much they're struggling to keep a tight lid on it. I think this problem relates to me directly because not long ago I found out that unknown individuals was using my invention for their own gains, this hurts alot because you think you have some kind of protection with a patent# but I guess not. Its like free game out there, I tried seeking some legal help only to be told that the fee for such a representation starts in the millions. I am just a regular guy serving my country in a time of need and at the same time planning more than one way to a fruitful future, only to have it stolen from me. I placed my intellectual property online in search of potential buyers but instead had it broken up right before my eyes and develop by someone else and currently on sale in malls everywhere. I pray for a miracle.........somebody help me!