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1 Yowell commented Permalink

multimania lycos zimbra lycos most consistent to it appears angelfire lycos before it comes to the french version of tripod lycos or lycos tripod in this stage . Does anyone know what it is about ? They have their developer's forum but maybe not as good as MydeveloperWorks with the screen name : Yowell to it . Regards Werner Gillwald , CAO --- UNi.of B/S/M

2 thartric commented Permalink

Haha... hey Frances, great post... and yeah, it is a topic I spend much of my time with! Being dressed to the nines depends on so many things working correctly in the end-to-end stack.... power, network, switches, load balancers and dispatchers, server hardware, OS, WAS & DB2, applications, and more. Thanks for taking a moment to help me do the math!

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