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Yes, the GC logging is very important, especially when testing a long-running application.

Here are some basic tips on how to interpret the logs, as well as (very) basic tuning possibilities: Hope it helps.

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Hi Chris,
This is still good advice today! I ran into a case today (working Level 3 for WebSphere) where a production system isn't performing properly and verbose gc is NOT enabled. We have no way to know if GC/memory is a factor. It would be good if you can re-emphasis that turning on verboseGC from the beginning in production is the smartest way to go. The overhead is low and the data is there when you need it. Don't wait for a system down situation to turn it on.

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I've got some updated performance numbers for verbose:gc based on more formal benchmarks here (slide 17):

This measures it at 0.1289% for a highly loaded system

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