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1 Brian Peacock commented Permalink

If you find that BIRT isn't listed even when "--All Available Sites--" is selected it is probably because (like me) you didn't have the main Eclipse update site for your level of Eclipse listed as an available site. I am currently running Helios so just had to add an update repository of: http://download.eclipse.org/releases/helios/ and then was able to download BIRT as per Chris' instructions.

Whilst you are installing IBM Memory Analyzer can I also suggest you also install GCMV following the instructions in Chris' other post

2 Valeriy.Molyakov commented Permalink

In this way we cannot install WebSphere related modules (e.g. dump analyzer etc ) They ask for prerequisites which can be found in ICAv4 workbench.

3 ChrisBailey commented Permalink

You should be able to install the "IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer - WebSphere Application Server Extensions", which is dependent on a couple of other "IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer - " modules, but no, you can't install Dump Analyzer the same way.

Are there any particular functions in Dump Analyzer that you'd like to see available in Memory Analyzer (via the IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer)?

4 HenrikSjostrand commented Permalink

When analyzing large dumps you will probably need to increase the JVM heap size for the Eclipse instance where you run the tool. This is done by editing the eclipse.ini file in the Eclipse root directory. Modify the following line (this gives a 2GB heap):


5 Brian Peacock commented Permalink

In the above instructions where it says:

label.component.tools.jvm -> IBM Memory Analyzer (not IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java - Memory Analyzer)
due to renaming that has occurred on the update site, the entry you need to install is:
label.component.tools.jvm -> IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java - Memory Analyzer

6 Martin_Rieger@at.ibm.com commented Permalink

On Redhat 6.5, eclipse Luna Service Release 1 (4.4.1) I installed IBM Memory Analyzer successfully according your instructions.

But instead of the expected pie chart in report Top Consumers/Biggest Objects (Overview) I get:
Error rendering chart: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org/eclipse/birt/chart/render/IActionRenderer.processAction(Lorg/eclipse/birt/chart/model/data/Action;Lorg/eclipse/birt/chart/event/StructureSource;Lorg/eclipse/birt/chart/factory/RunTimeContext;)V (See Log for Details)

7 Sanp commented Permalink

Hi There,
I followed the instructions as stated and successfully installed Eclipse-MAT combo.
Increased the Heap Size to 2 GB and tried to analyze 1.5 GB PHD dump file. Getting the below error.Can you pls suggest.
Could not create content describer for org.eclipse.wb.core.java.javaSourceGUI. Content type has been disabled.


8 Aleks108 commented Permalink

I am getting the exact same error as Sanp. Are there any suggestions?

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