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1 bobleah commented Permalink

Great to see you on board! Looking forward to your perspectives from an insider, on deployed IBM software.. and how it works to make the developerWorks site what it is today!

2 Jamesco commented Permalink

Hi Tom,
Great idea for a blog. Wow a dozen pseries AIX systems..I guess I should have known that...:-) I have two IT topics I'd like to understand better. What role does Tivoli play in monitoring all these systems? Which Rational software products are used by the developerWorks development teams?

3 JayAllen commented Permalink

Well we use TSM for backing up application and data directories (when it's set up right :)). All the developers use RAD for development, Clearcase for source control and Clearquest for defect and issue tracking. Other Rational products are used but those are the big three.

4 brenny commented Permalink

Great theme for a work blog. We do have many questions from folks on our environment, what we sit on, what we use and how its all going for us.

A blog around these things and a way for our users to get a look 'under the hood' so to speak, is a great idea.
One thing I know, you will never have a dearth of things to write about.

5 thartric commented Trackback

Hey, good questions and discussion around what Tivoli and Rational products are also involved... I'll make this the subject of a future blog entries. A few have already been listed by Jay. One more to add is Rational Performance Tester... look for more info on these coming soon!

6 Kleber commented Permalink

I would like to know which technologies developerWorks development teams need to have skill ?
I mean, for instance:
on client side:(x)html, css, javascrit and which javascript frameworks and so on and so forth.
on server side: which programming language and framewoks and so on and so forth.

Thank you.

7 thartric commented Permalink

Hey Kleber, yes you have the main ones listed. All Java J2EE technologies... thanks!

8 Jeffj2 commented Permalink

Tom, Great topic for a blog. I have been in developerWorks for 5+ years and already have learned new info by reading your blog. Keep this great info coming!

9 robinlangford commented Permalink

What a great blog topic -- I've always wondered how you guys manage to make it look easy to keep a site this size running smoothly!

For your readers who'd like to try some of these products,the dW Download, try, or buy site ( offers a huge collection of trial downloads.
Free, trial versions of just about every product mentioned in the comments so far (except Tivoli Storage Manager) are available. It's a great way to evaluate these products at no charge.
I'll be watching for future posts -- thanks for being willing to crack open the cookbook for us to peek inside.

10 David_Salinas commented Permalink

Sweet post.... I think Tom that you have picked a very rich area since developerWorks has a lot of great infrastructure and complexity that others could benefit in understanding and learning from dW's experiences. Additionally, it makes for great insights into what it takes to keep the lights and water running around this place.