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1 PeterYim commented Permalink

very good message! thanks for sharing.

2 Jamesco commented Permalink

Tom, very moving and heartfelt advice. Thanks for sharing these poignant reminders and real wake up calls regarding some of life's simple truths. In today's economic environment, the story of Greg is one that we can all relate to in so many ways and hopefully one that will prompt us to take action and seek help or to help others who at least for now might need it more than ourselves.

3 Sarah Rigodon commented Permalink

very inspiring. thank you tom for sharing this with us!

4 nikkipee commented Permalink

I really dig this. It's inspired me to be the best I can be. Thanks Tom! :)

5 thartric commented Permalink

Thanks everybody, for your comments. I'm glad you found it as inspiring as I did!

6 mullerj commented Permalink

Thank you for sharing Tom. It is a good reminder to always keep things in perspective, and to reach out to others in need.