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1 Jamesco commented Permalink

Hi Tom,
I agree...tomorrow is show time....the big I think they say in hockey...we're going for blood and no one is going to stop us from bringing home the big silver cup. I agree after months and months of blood, sweat, and I'm sure a few tears, we are fully prepared to come as the winning team.

2 gonzofish commented Permalink

Tom -

Just found out about this today, but I have to say I'm pretty interested in what you guys are aiming for here. I think, if it (and it better!) takes off, this could have a huge impact on the entire industry. So, great move and good luck.

3 thartric commented Permalink

Hey Matt, among other things we're hoping My developerWorks helps to connect IT professionals to one another, and to grow some grassroots technical communities. Thanks for your support!

4 gonzofish commented Permalink

I'm big on that...there's a hidden community here in NJ dying to burst out, I just know it. We definitely need grassroots communities in places outside the big tech cities so that the ideas of those of us that are geographically disabled can be brought to the forefront. That being said, again, thanks to the entire team for a step in the right direction.