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This page looks TERRIBLE via IE 9...

filled with gibberish like this..
<!--[if gte mso 9]&gt;&lt;xml&gt; &lt;o:OfficeDocumentSettings&gt; &lt;o:RelyOnVML/&gt; &lt;o:AllowPNG/&gt; &lt;/o:OfficeDocumentSettings&gt; &lt;/xml&gt;&lt;![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]&gt;&lt;xml&gt; &lt;w:WordDocument&gt-->

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something went wrong with the formatting in internet explorer 9 (didn't notice as I use firefox) should be fixed now

3 JButcher comentou às Link permanente

That out-of-the-box TPC report that shows the SVC performance over time looks awesome! Can't wait to see the others.

4 SergiyKostenko comentou às Link permanente

Just to note about Installation process.

Password fields for DB2 installation on default mode is different in requirements with Password field for TPC Configuration of Database.
When you enter password for DB2 be sure to not enter Special Symbols, they won't be accepted in progress of TPC installation on step of DB login configuration.

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Hey, I hadn't tried and wasn't aware of it. Will have to watch out for that one. Thanks!

6 ajeffco comentou às Link permanente

Looks great. Too bad I can't get TPC 5.1 Standard/Advanced until later this year :(

7 andypisano comentou às Link permanente

Does anyone have PPT or PDF presentation showing the 5.1 GUI? If so I would greatly appreciate a copy. Thanks,,

8 talor comentou às Link permanente

I don't have anything presentation like, if something turns up I'll put it here. Quite a few youtube videos TPC 5.1 if that helps?

9 chriscanto comentou às Link permanente

I found the new web GUI on https://hostname:16311/srm

Maybe the reference to 16331 in this post is a typo?

10 rvman54 comentou às Link permanente

Does anyone know how to get the report rendering to show when your RDPing to a SSPC? I get the report up but the graphics rendering is horrible.

Everything else renders perfectly over the RDP connection.

11 SELWYNDICKEY comentou às Link permanente

The information in the page says that on an upgrade, use port 16331. After testing on my upgraded box, it appears that should be 16311