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Nice article .. can you tell me if i were running ioslevel that the mkvdev command you used to remap would work? btw, i'm migrating from hdlm to native mpio on my dual vioservers.. thanks in advance.

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Is there any reason in particular you are moving away from HDLM?
The remapping command should work, however I would make sure you record everything manually before you start, just in case. Thankfully the mkvdev command for mapping scsi devices hasn't changed between vios versions. The article here is demonstrating how it worked for me, I would suggest that you do one VIO server end-to-end to test it, before doing the other one.
Make sure you capture what LDEV is what hdisk, and what hdisk is mapped to what vhost adapter and what vhost adapter belongs to what lpar etc. The script I have here to collect all the mappings you can run before changing anything, then do some sanity checks to make sure it's all ok.
I would suggest that you get onto a later VIO code when you do this if you get the chance, the latest is and you are still on which is an old version.
Also, be careful that you set the correct queue depth. From memory even if you are using native mpio (make sure you at least get the ODM drivers installed if you are not using HDLM) the queue depth will default to 2 or 3 or something small. Make sure you get this up to the correct level. The max queue_depth for a HDS LUN is 32. Make sure you set your queue depth on the vio servers and the vios clients.
Best of luck with it.