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1 VipinKumarG commented Permalink

Beautifully explained. Thanks.
Can we have such a doc that explain the primary to secondary switchover and failback.


2 PMFNA commented Permalink

For the global mirror don't you must use the -global parameter, when creating the relationship?

3 JimmyChien commented Permalink

Hi Talor, Our Customer is suffer from the latency due to Global Mirror. so we start to consider the GM with Changed Volume.The Customer use Global Mirror and VMWare SRM to complete the DR solution. and it work fluently on the local testing. but a litte laggy after moving the DR machine to the DR site. For us ,there are two concerns.1. Does the VMWare SRM support GM with Changed Volume? we don't see many articles on the internet. 2.Does the Global Mirror with changed volume cost 1:1 volume size for the Changed volume.because the VMWare SRM has already cost 1 flash copy volume for SRM test. if SRM,Global Mirror with changed volume has to be 1:1 on size requirement. there will be triple size of the requirement. don't know if SRM and Global Mirror can use the same Flash copy space..

Hope to hear form you soon
Jimmy Chien

4 talor commented Permalink

Hi Jimmy,

SRM is supported with Global mirror change volumes, however please see the below note:
Also, if you configure your change volumes as thin with rsize=0 then you will not need 1:1 space, it will only store the changes only.

5 SathishKumarR commented Permalink

Thank you,
Is there any limitation like only this quantaty of change volumes can be created on an evironment ?
(i.e)our SVC setup we many server has GM, can i implement for all the servers it cross more than (256 volumes)

6 talor commented Permalink


Looking at the 7.3 configuration maximums, there is a maximum of 256 global mirror change volumes relationships per system (V7000/SVC).
There are a number of enhancements in the 7.4 code, however to my knowledge increasing the number of change volumes relationships above 256 is not one of them.