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1 localhost comentou às Link de Retorno make a great point. I don't pay attention to stats but many people do and they like to apply them to me. My favorite stat? Wins of course!That's where your point comes mention evals...well if an eval is successful and you buy the thing then that's a win right? Maybe. It's a win only if you are happy after you really start using the thing. For example my Buddy Big Papi bought this customized Mercedes for 400k. 2 or 3 years later he sells it, auctions it off on e-bay even. Was that a win? Well maybe for him as it went for a lot of dough...but in the spirit of your blog..I would say no. He eval's it ( a test drive maybe?) bought it...yet a short time later decided he didn't want it. That's the you point out...make sure it will meet your needs after the test drive...kinda like Bridget...the test drive just didn't work out...well I should stop. but you get the point. Rock on Dan. Love your blog.

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