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1 localhost commented Permalink

Got to admit as a customer who went through evaluation of all the players in the market, FalconStor, SVC, DataCore, StorAge etc... Datacore really looked good in our eval but the Windows-factor gave us the willies when thinking about putting all our data behind it.<div>&nbsp;</div> Somehow the thought of putting all your data behind a windows server is very scare compared to something running Linux, Solaris etc.. like SVC or Falconstor.<div>&nbsp;</div>

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SVC sure sounds like an IBM OPEN approach. That is if you define it as proprietary software running on specialized hardware? Lets see it requires xSeries hardware as the building blocks and custom hardware in the nodes of the front panel and flash device for recovery from failed or failing internal HDD) and the Tachyon based HBA and now PMC Sierra. <div>&nbsp;</div> By the way, I did not realize Microsoft users were such a large minority in the Enterprise. Guess I can no longer be defined as 'Enterprise' since I do run Windows in the heart of my data center (Oracle, SAP,etc). I also use EMC and they use embedded Windows as the basis of their storage controller.

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Robert,<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the input. I guess I was a little strong with my comment. There will likely be many Windows Servers in most data centers. My point was more that would you trust EVERY I/O in your SAN to a standard Windows install. An Embedded Windows platform is very different, its something that the vendor can tweak an remove any unnecessary 'bloat' and strictly control the device driver levels, kernel levels etc etc.<div>&nbsp;</div> SVC is Open in the sense that is does not lock you in to any other products from IBM. You can virtualize EMC just as easily as IBM or any of the other 90+ controllers we support. Neither must you pay for any proprietary software for your hosts. Use SDD if you like, or any of the numerous native multi-pathing solutions supported. OK so the SVC software is not freely available - but can you get the source to any storage product - other than Linux based applications layers of course. I guess because IBM brands it as a 'software' product that may be confusing the matter re: custom hardware vs software.<div>&nbsp;</div> Han,<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the comments. Glad its not only me that would be worried about stock Windows in my SAN.

4 localhost commented Trackback

Windows is everywhere in the enterprise space, but it needs to be restarted more than *nix platforms in my experience. That's fine for most 9X5 apps, but storage?

5 Clock$peedy commented Permalink

It's not about "trusting Windows" any more than SVC is about "trusting Linux". Besides, we already do trust Windows... <div>&nbsp;</div> http://news.dice.com/2012/08/20/the-enterprise-datacenter-os-war-is-over/ <div>&nbsp;</div> www.zdnet.com/article/linux-hacked-more-often-than-windows/

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