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1 localhost commented Permalink

Where can we view the TV program? When I search for SVC/SAN Volume controller on the IBM TV website i receive no results.<div>&nbsp;</div> I am realy looking forward to see soms discussions!<div>&nbsp;</div> kind regards<div>&nbsp;</div> Joeri

2 localhost commented Permalink

I found out when using the "Select a Topic" I am able to find these programs. The search function is not properly working.<div>&nbsp;</div> kind regards<div>&nbsp;</div> Joeri

3 localhost commented Permalink

found your blog really interesting and informative !! Can RAID like storage virtualization work in network based virtualization ? i.e striping of data blocks over disks placed at different network locations ! if it is possible ! how it will be beneficial? kindly enlighten !

4 localhost commented Permalink

Not sure what you are asking Varun, SVC provides a SAN based virtualization that is in the network. OK, not in the switch - but we tried that and people weren't interested (and EMC and finding the same with their up-take of Invista)...<div>&nbsp;</div> As for striping blocks over network storage, then yes, you get the benefit of getting as many spindles working at a single point in time. <div>&nbsp;</div> I suggest you have a read back over my 5 part work on the benefits of virtualization back last year (go back to August 2007 and you will find the start)<div>&nbsp;</div> Barry