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1 anthonyv commented Permalink

Sadly any Infosmack where HDS come on... no hard questions are asked... too much fawning. <br /> Infosmacks where they get independent thinkers can be brilliant. <div>&nbsp;</div> Check out: <div>&nbsp;</div> http://infosmackpodcasts.com/infosmack-podcast-68-the-toigo-episode/ <br /> http://infosmackpodcasts.com/infosmack-podcast-75-%E2%80%93-disk-vs-tape-showdown/ <br /> http://infosmackpodcasts.com/infosmack-podcast-87-big-data-means-nothing/ <br />

2 orbist commented Permalink

Thanks Anthony, will check them out

3 anthonyv commented Permalink

Your using a very 'bold' font today...

4 orbist commented Permalink

Trying to increase the font size, seems my current dW template doesn't let me use HTML font + controls... working on a new blog design...