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1 marc-farley@3PAR commented Permalink

Barry - interesting question you pose here: What classes of SSDs will sell at what levels? The performance of the device relative to the performance of the controller becomes a very interesting factor. I think your egg timer drawing assumes that there will be a significant change in controller architectures to accommodate a large number of SLC SSDs. That's a lot of change for something that replaces disk drives. My guess is that MLC devices will eventually dominate - but then again I used to think that iSCSI was going to dominate array connectivity too. <br />

2 orbist commented Permalink

Marc,<div>&nbsp;</div> Indeed, an interesting thought. Until now, the storage has been the weak point. But no longer need it be so. OK, so for a CPU writing to disk is, in its terms still a year or a decade, but we do need to throw power at the disk subsystem.<div>&nbsp;</div> I've been thinking more about this and my eggtimer above, maybe the model shifts slightly, MLC could become the top tier... <div>&nbsp;</div> However, iSCSI... shame on you!