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Barry,<div>&nbsp;</div> I agree with you about the difficulty of researching storage bricks with virtualization software license activation verse storage virtualization controller in-use rates. But the bigger issue is how much of the total storage footprint at F1000 organizations is behind virtualization controllers and managed exclusively via the storage virtualization platform?<div>&nbsp;</div> We have found on average less than 5% of the total storage footprint at a F1000 organization where they have adopted storage virtualization is managed by the virtualization platform. <div>&nbsp;</div> There are many reasons cited (complexity, downtime introduction, costs, performance, refresh/depreciation times and hosts of other concerns many of which are perceptional and not real). Nonetheless, most state by 2011 at least 60% of their total storage footprint will be virtualized.<div>&nbsp;</div> This is positive but clearly the absorption/encapsulation of legacy storage bricks into new storage virtualization controller environments is not moving fast enough.

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Robert,<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your thoughts. Everything you say makes a lot of sense, and I think you have hit on one of the big issues, the lack of real knowledge about storage virtualization - this is not help by certain vendors that try and inject FUD at every turn, usually because they don't have a viable solution... Thats one of the reasons I'm here, to try and help educate, destroy myths and show there are real world enterprise production ready products today.<div>&nbsp;</div> 5% to 60% in the next few years is a steep curve to climb, I wonder how they plan to get there without investing, investigating and planning today - maybe they are.<div>&nbsp;</div> Any further thoughts you have, please do share. ThxBarry

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Hmmmmmm. Your feed isn't updating in my feed reader? What did you break? ;-p

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Not me Guv :) been having some funnies recently too, I had to update a bunch of my RSS bookmarks in Firefox.

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Try using google reader- I have found it incredibly reliable (and addictive).