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1 localhost commented Permalink

Wish I had one of these EE models at home (and maybe a small Clariion on DS4000 series to put behind it) :)<div>&nbsp;</div> Can the EE nodes be swapped out in a non-disruptive fashion like one can do with the other node offerings? (i.e. could we upgrade from EE node to a 8G4, one at a time till both nodes are 8G4s?)<div>&nbsp;</div>

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Funny you should mention that, as at one recent customer briefing (and existing SVC user) they commented that our marketing isn't as good as Microsoft. "If Microsoft had a product like SVC we'd all have one at home" ...<div>&nbsp;</div> Anyway, yes, the EE model is fully compatible with all other SVC node models (cluster wise). You can start with a pair of SVC EE nodes, add in some bigger brother model 8G4 nodes as a second I/O group... up to 8 nodes (the license model changes as you add more nodes) and as you suggest, yes you can non-disruptively upgrade SVC EE (8A4) nodes to 8G4 nodes.<div>&nbsp;</div> This really does position SVC at a much lower entry cost, and allows your virtual infrastructure to grow as you storage needs do. <div>&nbsp;</div> Its also a great option for existing users with older node models (4F2, 8F2) looking to upgrade from 2Gbit fabrics to 4Gbit - you already have the license, so all you need is the new SVC EE nodes, and you'll more than double your performance capability at the same time. <div>&nbsp;</div> Barry

3 localhost commented Trackback

Barry, I don't suppose IBM have considered putting out a software simulator? Like the NetApp simulator? I guess the problem would be simulating the FC connectivity but I think it'd be an interesting idea. <div>&nbsp;</div> I like the idea of a home version...you'd have to do iSCSI tho' I suspect!

4 localhost commented Permalink

Simulator, good point - will get those that be on to it!<div>&nbsp;</div> iSCSI..... now there's a thought.....................

5 localhost commented Trackback

And skip that FCoE nonsense, straight to SASoE...I mean you do have the patents!

6 localhost commented Permalink

LOL.<div>&nbsp;</div> SAS, intersting one, from what I can see, skip 3.5", skip SATA, 2.5" SAS will cover them all in about a year........