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1 mark.Davidson commented Permalink

Thanks for the pointer to the SVC/Storewize Infocenter documentation. <br /> What's really useful for us is the downloadable version of the Infocenter here: <br /> http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=591&amp;context=STPVGU&amp;context=STPVFV&amp;dc=D400&amp;uid=ssg1S4000905 <br /> . <br /> Our internal networks are isolated from Internet access, for security reasons. <br /> So installing a local copy on our management vlan is really helpful for us to reference the various SVC commands, search for error codes, etc. <br /> . <br /> One small suggestion for the future: The current SVC GUI code has links to the Infocenter pages... <br /> Like the opening page - "Visit the Information Center" <br /> . <br /> Would it be possible to add a configuration option ($BASE_URL), that would let customers point these links to their local Infocenter? <br /> Thanks ! <br />