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1 joeri_van_speybroek commented Permalink

I have had several customers asking for this, but the RPQ story was the thing that was blocking the deal (every change, new RPQ validations...) When now following the rules/... we will be able to sell this solution.<div>&nbsp;</div> --&gt; Automatic failover using VDisk Mirroring from two physical locations is an entry of some solution requests we receive, because of the Quorum problem we never used this kind of solution, but with this architecture it would become a fully certified and fully supported solution without risks!<div>&nbsp;</div> Keep on going IBM ;)<div>&nbsp;</div> kind regards<div>&nbsp;</div> Joeri

2 uhaas commented Permalink

I'm looking to do this with Long-distance vMotion, but there are two limitations I can't seem to live with. The first is no ISLs in between. I want to use separate VSANs with IVR and a transit VSAN in between. The second is closely related to the first of being a 10 km limit (long-wave restriction), I need 100 km. <div>&nbsp;</div> It's a nice feature, but it's slightly short of what's really needed states-side.