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This is good Content!

2 joeri_van_speybroek ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente

Very nice description of SVC in a nutshell!<br /> This is the real story and not just something to be able to sell the SVC...<div>&nbsp;</div> A nice thing is that in most cases, they SVC also provides a performance benefit for your SAN environment (not the decrease like some are saying because it is inband), this is because of the extra cache layer it is providing, and ofcourse the great architecture of the SVC code. In the future this benefit will become larger because of the combination with SDD, the extra cache possibilities (scalability within a node) and more powerfull CPU's!<div>&nbsp;</div> Good years are upcoming for the SVC! Because of the economic state many customers would like to save some money at every level of the company, with SVC they are able to save on the SAN storage, as Barry already said in its blog post.<div>&nbsp;</div> kind regards<div>&nbsp;</div> Joeri<div>&nbsp;</div>

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Wow... great and interesting reference. THANKS for posting.

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After reading this post, I think I might actually be able to describe SVC to my neighbor and have it make sense. And that's high praise for you Barry, since I couldn't have said with confidence what SVC stands for when I woke up this morning. Thanks for an enlightening, easy-to-digest post!

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Hey.. I get it! Thanks for breaking this down...

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