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F1? Bah! I'll take NASCAR any day ;)

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Round and round and round ... ;-)<div>&nbsp;</div> Touring car, now thats fun, and a contact sport too! hehe<div>&nbsp;</div> ---<div>&nbsp;</div> As for my initial post, and now that the FIA have released some more details, it would appear that the IP did make it to the drivers, and Ron Dennis has just informed us that it was HIM that passed the new evidence to the FIA! (Read about it on itv.com/f1) <div>&nbsp;</div> I also saw an interview with Bernie E, where he pushed for the $100M fine rather than 2 years disqualification as it was less financially damaging to McLaren in the longer term.<div>&nbsp;</div> I guess I can kind of see why the FIA have decided to not impact the drivers as there is no evidence the car has indeed been altered with 'Ferrari' parts, and Alonso is lucky they did have the amnesty - or I'd imagine he would have been disqualified due to his involvement. <div>&nbsp;</div> All in all, this sends a very strong message to the other teams I guess. It will be interesting to see the atmosphere at this weekends race at Spa.