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1 AngeloBernasconiBlog commented Permalink

Do you have already a draft agenda about the SVC user group events ? <br /> It will be open also for customer ?

2 orbist commented Permalink

The agenda will be coming soon, usual format is some update / roadmap sessions, customer case studies in the morning, then birds of a feather sessions in the afternoon. <div>&nbsp;</div> This is primarily an event of customers - i.e. users. <div>&nbsp;</div> Note the date change.

3 RBS-GillesGatineau commented Permalink

I’m a french engineer working for a BP (RBS) and i would subscribe to the mailing disk core. <br /> I don’t find the procedure. <br /> Can you help me ? <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm working with SVC and Storwize for 5 years but i want to have more information and update <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks <div>&nbsp;</div> Gilles gatineau <br />

4 orbist commented Permalink

Gilles, email me barry.whyte (at) uk.im.com

5 Kirson commented Permalink

How can i join ? i might be in London for SVC course :) <br />