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1 RobJodoin comentou às Link permanente

That's truly impressive Barry. But what's even more impressive is how often I have to defend the SVC (the record holder for SPC benchmarking) from vendors who insist that SVC will slow my customer's system down because it sits in the data path therefore introduces latency. It's like arguing that the booster rocket on the space shuttle will slow it down because of the extra weight. While other vendors may snort at benchmarks (unless the results portray them in a favourable light), they still provide an apples to apples thumb in the air comparison which is far better than the "trust me, my storage is faster" approach. <div>&nbsp;</div> Keep up the good work.

2 orbist comentou às Link permanente

Thanks Rob, just trying to assemble an 8 node configuration in my "spare time" to show the true potential of the new hardware. Watch this space.

3 Han_Solo comentou às Link permanente

Barry...FYI. The last two postings after the "Encouraging SSD" post do not show up in your RSS feed. <div>&nbsp;</div> I watch your RSS feed, and I didn't know you had posted anything since then until I came across a link from another site. <div>&nbsp;</div>