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Hello Barry,<div>&nbsp;</div> Maybe its way out of topic with what you mean, but I still want to give it a try.<div>&nbsp;</div> with the svcinfo lsfabric command, I can see the active connections, with the output of this command I use our interface to see the (active)topology of the Host - Fabrics - SVC-nodes.But I wonder why the SVC uses the 5 minutes (for hostst) and 10 seconds (for controller) and can this time be set (for example 1 hour)?<div>&nbsp;</div> Greetings,Tmasteen<div>&nbsp;</div>

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TMasteen,<div>&nbsp;</div> As good a question as any. <div>&nbsp;</div> Although the 10 seconds and 5 mins are mentioned in the specification, the meaning of each is kind of the same. To clarify, as I read it, a host is marked active for 5 minutes after the last login. A controller remains active until 5 minutes have passed since the last successful I/O. The 10 seconds refers to the update time, that is it will be marked active within 10 seconds of successful I/O completion.<div>&nbsp;</div> (I haven't played with this command much, and I'm working from what the internal product functional specification says - if you have seen different in practice let me know!)<div>&nbsp;</div> As for changing the times, no they are hard-coded and there isn't a way for users to change them. Is this a requirement from your perspective? I can raise a DCR request - no guarantees it would be actioned, but worth recording if its a real requirement.<div>&nbsp;</div> Barry

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Barry,<div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you for the reply. <div>&nbsp;</div> When I use the lsfabric, there are some hosts where all the connections to the nodes are inactive. The hosts are up and running but no I/O to the Vdisk(s) (at that time).I would expect as long the host is up and running, the connections stay active. So why does the SVC set the connections to inactive (after a period of time)?<div>&nbsp;</div> It's not a real requirement there I use TPC to alert me if SAN connections become inactive.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thnx again,TMasteen<div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>

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TMasteen,<div>&nbsp;</div> The problem is when is a host online? Due to FC login / logout protocol, we may never see a host logout. It may just vanish. So if we don't see any I/O for 5 mins we mark it as inactive, 5 mins is an arbitrary number really.<div>&nbsp;</div> As for controllers, we are much more 'intune' with them, that is we are more likely to send an I/O to a controller than receive an I/O for a particular host (because vdisks stripe and hit many multiple mdisks) so we can make a more likely guess at its current state.<div>&nbsp;</div> Barry