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Hi Barry. I thinnk you hit the nail on the head when you contrasted SVC being designed from the ground up as opposed to trying to trying to plop new technology into a 20 year old architecture. A quote from BarryB's blog today where he discusses the developmental cost of the V-Max:<div>&nbsp;</div> "2000 person-years. As a simple exercise, figure anywhere between $100k to $200k for a fully-burdened headcount and you're talking north of $200M in labor costs alone.<div>&nbsp;</div> And, of course, the 1.5 acres of lab space they all needed to do their work. That ain't cheap either.<div>&nbsp;</div> Not to mention the run time of 4 million run hours. And roughly 4 quadrillion I/O operations. <div>&nbsp;</div> 750 V-Max systems were built prior to release for testing, qualification and other internal purposes. That's more arrays than most small vendors have shipped for revenue over several years. Don't forget the 135,000 disk drives that went into these arrays."<div>&nbsp;</div> It sounds like EMC had some monumental challeges when they were trying to get the V-Max to work. I'm sure they fixed all the bugs before shipping it out the door.<div>&nbsp;</div>

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Correction - That was Chuck's blog I quoted from.

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For some interesting discussion - and the lack of comment on this post (I guess when the truth outs, even Mr Burke can't repute it) see Tony's recent post and the comments :<div>&nbsp;</div> https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/InsideSystemStorage?entry=solid_state_disk_on_ds8000