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Good article. I know the major reason we did not go with USP virtualization was the upgrade path. Around here every 3 years we replace all storage. If we went with HDS virtualization, there was no upgrade path when one replaces the frame.<div>&nbsp;</div> We settled on the SVC and purchased the 4F2 nodes, later upgrading to 8G4's. We recently looked at a demo invista, not too impressed. It seemed like it would become a pain to manage in an enterprise environment with thousands of backend and virtual devices, and the rate at which it could migrate backed data was pitiful. Just being honest. We'll look at it again in a year or two to see if it has gotten any better.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks for the comment "sangineer"<div>&nbsp;</div> I'd be interested in following up on a few things, like how you found the upgrade from 4F2 to 8G4 and your general SVC experience.<div>&nbsp;</div> Please drop me a line barry.whyte (at) uk.ibm.com<div>&nbsp;</div> Thx Barry