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Uh-oh... they're getting smarter...

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Barry,<div>&nbsp;</div> I've watched with grim fascination as my 2 year old daughter has taken to technology with more gusto than I did when we got our IBM PC jr. Scares me, really, 'cos she does know how to move the mouse around, click on pages, etc. Parental filters to be sure... :)<div>&nbsp;</div> cheers,<div>&nbsp;</div> Dave

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Scary stuff isn't it! <div>&nbsp;</div> Even owning a mouse was a big thing back in my younger years. One of our later machines (before a 386sx PC and after the BBC Micro ModelB which I really cut my teeth on) was one of those Amstrad PCW things with the 3" floppy drives running PCM. It didn't come with a mouse and I remember saving my pennies and selling my BMX bike to get a mouse module, mouse and the PagePlus desktop publihing software from Serif - do they even exist anymore?! Takes me back, LocoScript word processing...