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For the record, in your original post you had INDEED implied that it was SPC-1 numbers that you used to compare your experiement vs. the DMX. It was only after I called you on it that you modified your post to comply with the SPC's rules.<div>&nbsp;</div> And I'm not sure that you should count my blog as IBM marketing material...the posts are more than an expose than a promotional contribution in favor of IBM.<div>&nbsp;</div> Looking forward to when you can actually talk about all this new stuff...the IBM gag order you've obviuosly been under has made this all pretty much a one-sided conversation...

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Excuse my first post above- I meant to say that TONY had indeed stated that you had used the SPC-1 originally, and not you - as we've discussed already, you hadn't made that mistake.<div>&nbsp;</div> Posting comments too early on a Sunday morning, I guess - my apologies, sir.

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I hadn't read Tony's post in-depth, but when you had spoken with Tony and he discussed with me, he had mis-understood the benchmarking we'd done, and as a result he has corrected his post.<div>&nbsp;</div> Don't worry about early morning posts - I know all about that one :)

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That Is Supposed To Be A Smiley In My Prior Comment.<div>&nbsp;</div> Any chance of getting your blog software fixed so that it shows special characters correctly instead of HTML markup for things like semicolons ; apostrophes ' and parenthesis ) Question Mark?

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The site recently was ?upgraded? with new spam protection...<div>&nbsp;</div> At least its letting me post using Firefox now, and I have reported the html code problems...