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1 sholafsson commented Permalink

Barry, is it using the same generation Jasper Forest embedded Xeons as the V7000?

2 orbist commented Permalink

Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> No, its a different Sandy Bridge Dual core'd CPU

3 Czanella commented Permalink

Barry, the EasyTier functionality with the GA or just in the next year ? It will be charged ?

4 orbist commented Permalink

Czanella, <div>&nbsp;</div> I checked the details and Easy Tier will be a licensed function in due course. <br /> FlashCopy allows 64 targets in the base product (free of license) today, and additional targets can be licensed in due course.

5 OrbitalStorage commented Permalink

Hi Folks <br /> The DS3500 talks in terms of Partitions regarding physical connections of Hosts and comes with 4 Partitions as standard which can be upgraded further as chargeable options. <div>&nbsp;</div> With v3700 is there an equivalent concept and if so what is included or what needs to be added as far as Host attach license etc ? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks

6 orbist commented Permalink

Good question. <div>&nbsp;</div> V3700 has no such concept, you can attach to as many hosts, and as many differnent host types as ytou like - up to the maximum 256 per system. No additional license needed.

7 sholafsson commented Permalink

I assume since SAS host ports are a future deilverable(tm), that the ports are there, (just disabled?). <br /> Why a different rear layout than the V7000?

8 orbist commented Permalink

There are 4x SAS ports as you can see, these are the new Mini-HD form factor SAS ports. 3 of them are disabled at this time, and will be enabled in due course when SAS host attach is released. The 4th is used for disk expansion. <div>&nbsp;</div> The layout is different, mainly due to the new mini-HD connections, and the new SAS chip providing the 4 ports - and the price point for the V3700 means not all users will want Fibre Channel natively on the system - hence it would be a costly additional interface to provide on every system, especially if someone only wants to use the iSCSI ports. <div>&nbsp;</div> This is a completely different controller canister to V7000, so there is no real need to keep them the same from a cosmetic point of view :)

9 StephenBaines commented Permalink

Hi Barry, if one upgrades to the 8 Gbps FC ports is it direct attached? Or do we have to go via SAN switches?

10 orbist commented Permalink

As of 6.4.1 code level (which all V3700 will run from day 1) all family products support direct FC attach for RH 6.1 and SLES 11 - with Windows and VMware is almost complete in testing, and so should be available very soon. <div>&nbsp;</div> If you have a specific requirement you can always submit an RPQ (SCORE) request.