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1 orbist commented Permalink

Let me start.... <div>&nbsp;</div> Block, file... performance... good enough... <div>&nbsp;</div> Where does your needs lie?

2 IanClarke commented Permalink

V7000/SVC stable firmware would help. In the last 3-4 months we've had far too many major problems e.g. failing to destage cache; both canisters going offline; and FlashCopy's bigger than 2Tb writing the wrong data. <div>&nbsp;</div> Is the SVC/V7000 V6.1 code stream really ready for a live environment? Is V6.2 going to be any better?

3 orbist commented Permalink

Ian, thanks for posting. There have been more than the normal number of PTF recently, some of these problems are not new to the 6.x stream - others have been hardware issues which have had to be worked around. Understand your position, and we have made some changes to the way things are tested, released , and the goal is that 6.2.x should have a lot less churn than we've just recently seen on 6.1 <div>&nbsp;</div> 6.2 was a less major release update than 6.1, and with the exception of the 10GB iSCSI and the bau bump to CG8 nodes, has not brought new hardware etc - I would expect 6.2 to be much more stable from day1.

4 Icewalker commented Permalink

Barry, <div>&nbsp;</div> Forgive me, but I don't have a full understanding of all things V7000 right now. I'm sure the new V7000 is a great performer for Fiber Channel. <div>&nbsp;</div> Is IBM going to implement any of the new FCoE capabilities into storage? What about other protocols such as CIFS, NFS, etc with 10GigE networks? <div>&nbsp;</div> I am also curious about integration, specifically with VMWare. This relates back to my first question. I see performance issues in VMWare with locking and VMFS Volumes over Fiber Channel. I have seen better performance with NFS on Non-IBM Storage. <div>&nbsp;</div> What is the road map beyond the V7000? Besides the 8000 series, I don't see much happening.

5 orbist commented Permalink

Icewalker, <div>&nbsp;</div> Obviously I can't discuss roadmaps and the like in an open forum like this. If you are interested in more detail then I'd suggest contacting your IBM account team, or IBM business partner where we can get the relevant paperwork in place and have a more open discussion. <div>&nbsp;</div> All I can say is that there is a great roadmap for both SVC and V7000...

6 orbist commented Permalink

PS. VMware integration - full VAAI support as of 6.2 code levels, and a new vCentre plugin for both 6.1 and 6.2 code levels coming in the next couple of weeks. <div>&nbsp;</div> See my next blog for some more details.