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I have a question about the zoning part. If you have more then 1 storage device, let's say a DS8300 and a DS4800. Can we put all the storage ports in one zone together with half of the SVC ports(per fabric), or do we have to make a zone per storage controller with half of the SVC ports?Any best practicesThnx

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From an SVC perspective there is technically no reason to split up the storage into different zones. However, there could be interactions between different controllers that are unpredictable. Logins that are unexpected etc.<div>&nbsp;</div> In the lab on my stand I have multiple DS4K and DS8K in a single zone (pair), and don't have issues.

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Can you comment sometime on the error object ID fields?<div>&nbsp;</div> Specifically we are occasionally getting 1370 errors (Managed Disk ERPs).<div>&nbsp;</div> When I view the details of the error log entry, I see the following:<div>&nbsp;</div> Node Identifier n106179Object Type deviceObject ID 7Sequence Number 722 <div>&nbsp;</div> What I am wondering is what device are we talking about? What is device 7?

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Scott,<div>&nbsp;</div> Here, the "device" term should be decoded as "controller" - device is an internal term and should not be exposed in the error log sense expert!<div>&nbsp;</div> So this is saying, we ran an error recovery procedure against controller with id 7. Presumably due to a check, abort, failure etc when communicating with the controller and its mdisks. There are usually thresholded, and unless you are getting an excessive number and it changes from information to error then its not of major concern.<div>&nbsp;</div> Barry