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1 freedom35 commented Permalink

I think I've still got my special SSa screwdriver somewhere. God help you if you had to attach/detach cables without it. :)

2 Storagebod commented Permalink

I've still got my multi-coloured SSA screw-driver...I believe most of them were printed in a single colour!

3 orbist commented Permalink

I wonder how many systems were like so many in the lab where only one side was screwed down! <div>&nbsp;</div> Still have a box in my cupboard of loads of sealed SSa screwdrivers! And a few in my desk pop, all that have the top bit pushed up so it can be used as a normal screwdriver!

4 uhaas commented Permalink

I did so many of these it was crazy. Had the screwdriver, hooked many systems up (together) in HA clusters, changed RAID cards, moved disks between systems. <div>&nbsp;</div> They were great. Spatial reuse an bi-direction made them great. It was also nice to see them modified into intelligent units where you no longer had to pull out the electronics to change certain configurations.