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1 spaberlejr commented Permalink

Great write up Barry -- I actually understand it ( lol ! )

2 3CJR_Óscar_Luis_Rojas_Fernánde commented Permalink

Is it perfectly lineal? <div>&nbsp;</div> I mean, 80 disks would get 53k iops/3, 160 would get 2 3rds, etc... <div>&nbsp;</div> I imagine that adding more identical disks via DS3500 (per example) would escale linearly up to a point...have you found where does it saturate? <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards

3 orbist commented Permalink

Oscar, <div>&nbsp;</div> 53/3 would be 17.666 <div>&nbsp;</div> I Guess your point maybe., how far can you push a V7000? I've measured its capability at about 80% of a CF8 node pair. So that would mean about 800+ 15K RPM drives behind a single V7000 controller, when they are clustered... welll .... the skys the limit. <br />

4 alejandrocox144 commented Permalink