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1 DiegoKesselman commented Permalink

Just a thought, if SVC moves data from a two device mirrored LUN , does it affects reliability ? And then... you "remove" data from original LUN or this is just a copy with an enable mark?

2 murf50 commented Permalink

Mr. White, Thank you for the hilarious overview of a feature that has yet to be generally available on either the SVC or the DS8700 platforms. While I understand that all Bloggers' take poetic license with facts, I do hope that you will expand more on your comment about being able to "tune the granularity." I find it interesting that shortly after you mention that an SVC is limited to managing 4 million extents you go on to suggest that one might decide to split a 1GB extent in to 4 or 16 new extents. One has to ask, where will you get the additional meta-data to track the activity of the new mini-extents?? Inquiring minds want to know… Thanks again!

3 orbist commented Permalink

1.. Diego, <br /> Each vdisk copy comes from a different mdisk group, so when the SVC implementation is available, you can set both copies to be active with Easy Tier and hence migrate both hot extents onto double mirrored SSD. <div>&nbsp;</div> 2. Murf, <br /> The DS8000 has been shipping the meta-data gathering function since last year, so actually the base function is GA, obviously yesterday was an announce, and you can get details of the GA date from the RFA - I will correct my "ship" statements above to "announced for GA" - thanks for the correction. <br /> However, I suggest you maybe want to take an SVC 101 course as you obviously don't understand how SVC manages storage / extents. The 1GB chunks in are on the DS8700, SVC supports extents of 16MB, 32MB... up to 2GB so whatever extent size you use is the extent size that will be migrated - no hocus pocus or magic tricks required ;)

4 Sharbu commented Permalink

Barry, <div>&nbsp;</div> Interesting stuff. I noticed on TonyP's blog that he mentioned a STAT utility which will analyse a DS8000 and make recommendations......is there anything similar for SVC? I will need to refresh my node hardware soon(ish), up to CF8's, and it would be nice to be in a position to put SSD in at that point, with some empirical evidence to wave at the pen-pushers. <div>&nbsp;</div> Not sure about the name though... <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers

5 orbist commented Permalink

Stuart, <div>&nbsp;</div> The STAT utility requires the base analysis function in the microcode, so until the Easy Tier code is available inside SVC, the STAT function isn't possible. However if you have TPC, the IPO function can at least tell you hot vdisks. <div>&nbsp;</div> Name wise, there were many candidates I prefered one of the development names ADR Automatic Data Relocation - but because the function can be used to just recommend the migrations etc, the Auto part wasn't liked, someone suggested Dynamic Data Relocation, but that wouldn't fly for obvious acronym reasons... marketing chose the final name...